June 28th & 29th


San Diego, CA. 2-day Workshop at my house.


So excited to announce my next 2- day workshop at my home & studio in San Diego! My LAST Californian workshop this year, so don’t miss out!

**UPDATE: this workshop is the one and only FREE workshop I have ever done. The idea came to me in an epiphany last night, and I believe in following that so…
I am donating my services, time, costs and expenses to my next workshop on June 28th & 29th!

Those who want to attend, please only do so if you truly cannot afford the full price of one of my workshops. I have other workshops coming up in NY, London and Paris this year for those who can afford to attend. But, if you have a new business that you are trying to get off the ground, if you are an artist who wants to take your work to the next level, if you want to learn to connect with your work in a deeper way, if you are a student interested in working as an artist etc and you don’t have the funds for an educational workshop, then this is the only opportunity to attend one of my workshops for free!

Donations are welcome, based on what you can afford.
Clearly, space is very limited, only a handful of people, and I will be cutting off registration once it’s full. So sign up now, using the form below and we will respond to let you know if you are registered with an invoice if you donate.

Contact me with questions: info@acp-featherlove-portfolio.flywheelsites.com 


I believe that certain aspects of eductaion should be free, which is why I recently started my Artist Conversations interviews project for us to learn from other creatives.


– my in-depth lectures
a shoot of celebrity, actress/musician SARAH CARTER + some q&a time with her!
– hands-on creative Polaroid class with CHLOE AFTEL
– lecture with ANNE SAGE on social media branding
– lunch breaks by the pool (bring your bathing suit if you like!)
– great food catered by Nicole of Gjelina Take Away
– after party, TONS of learning, gift bags… & MORE!

See & read all about how my last workshop in the Bay Area went.

My home & studio where the workshop is taking place:

Read all about my most recent workshop in the Bay Area HERE + Attendee reviews:



SARAH CARTER: a shoot with my dear client-turned-friend, celebrity, artist,actress/musician Sarah Carter(Star of Falling Skies, The Vow, Entourage, Smallville, Final Destination etc. My past work with Sarah HERE). She will be modelling for us in an extra-rad shoot I’m planning in my studio. Beautiful inside and out, she is certainly one of my favorite models I have ever worked with. I will be describing my shooting process and how I engage my clients as I go, live on the shoot. Sarah is also offering up some q&a time with us! Read my recent interview with here here.
(< – -photo by myself)




CHLOE AFTEL:  Another dear friend, the master analog photographer Chloe Aftel will be giving us a full download on shooting with Polaroid! Then she’s going to let us use her cameras to experiment & shoot with (see the Polaroids at the bottom of this post from our Bay Area Workshop). She is a legend in her own right and is one of the most inspiring and talented people I know. I also asked her to shoot Emily Deschanel’s wedding with me where she provided full film coverage. You have seen her work before as she not only did a shoot of me about a year ago, but has worked with tons of artists and celebrities as well. Chloe is going to be using Impossible Project film to show us how she makes her stunning, dreamy analog art! If you don’t already own a Polaroid Camera- you will want one after this.



ANNE SAGE: And yet another great friend and colleague of mine- entrepreneur and blogger The City Sage– Anne will discuss the vital role of social media–blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and beyond—to build your brand and grow your creative business. I have worked-hard-&-played-hard with her several times for both Rue Mag and City Sage, as well as with our friends A B & The SeaBash PleaseThe FlashdanceShark PigThe Cream Event etc… I am always in awe of her bountiful energy, her reverence & respect for all the creative people she works with, and her bottomless pit of creativity. Not to mention her awesome style & sense of humor. Anne will be video Skyping with us from Canada for her lecture! Not a first time for us, we styled an entire shoot here in SD with a designer in NY over Skype before- we’re keeping it innovative.
(< – -photo by Woodnote Photography)


Lunch breaks by the pool! Bring your bathing suit if you like, if weather permits, or just hang out and chill. I believe in relaxing as much as working hard, and I’ll prove it. Food- catered by Nicole of Gjelina Take Away (my favorite LA restaurant)… Nicole is also a client of mine and I will be shooting her wedding later on this year!


– Bring your cameras if you feel like you want to shoot (I highly recommend this). Digital, film, vintage, and experimental cameras are all welcome!


THERE IS NO COST! Donations are welcome.

Day 1
– full day of all my lectures & lunch break by the pool.
Day 2– Shoot of Sarah Carter, Anne’s lecture, Chloe’s polaroid class, lunch by the pool, Q&A with me, dinner, wine, after party!


So excited about doing another workshop at my house, I rarely do them anymore & it may be the last Californian workshop I do this year! You will leave inspired… AND you will have my voice stuck in your head for like at least a week after (sorry).

Not sure yet? Read what previous attendees have had to say about my workshops HERE. Interviews with me about the subjects I discuss HERE. More info HERE.
Can’t make it to this workshop? Sign up for my mailing list or suggest a city for me HERE. Or purchase my 4-hr London workshop video lecture HERE.

Questions? Email me: info@acp-featherlove-portfolio.flywheelsites.com


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