My workshops are focused primarily on understanding yourself as an artist, increasing your connection to your creativity, experimenting, staying inspired & innovative, and carving your own niche. I cover the wedding industry, getting the clients you want, artistic integrity & philosophy, learning to say NO, breaking rules, and branding yourself along with your work.

I share my 6 years of experience as one of the pioneers in the Alternative Wedding Industry. I also share some of my crazy stories that I save for my workshops only, and I leave lots of time to answer questions. My workshops are completely unique in my approach- they are less about technical photography and more about artistry, going deeper, being honest, and achieving what you want to accomplish. I also add interesting friends, shoots, or guests, and have an after party where the group gets to know each other a little more (and sometimes we have musical guests, celebrity friends, pool time, wine, dance parties etc). It’s important to me that the workshops convey, in real time, the subjects I discuss on merging life, art, work, friends etc. I pride myself on the fact that so many great artists and photographers have made some unbelievable connections at my workshops, kept in touch, become good friends, and even do projects together. Some have developed art projects which have become huge. I am honored to know and be around the most wonderful people who attend these events.

My passion for my work is infectious. I often include inspiring guest-lecturers as well. The shoot we do at the workshop will give you an insight on how I apply my ideas and philosophies to my work & my clients directly. I also show my workflow. My 6 years of experience in the alternative wedding industry is bursting out of me and wants to be spread around. These workshops are some of the most satisfying work I have done, as I get to see how people develop and unravel their artistry over the next few months after attending, how it has directly/indirectly influenced them, and the amazing results they accomplish. Please read reviews and insights from previous attendees on my testimonials page.

My Artist Workshops are for professional as well as amateur photographers; film and/or digital photographers; wedding photographers; artists in a creative industry; designers; bloggers etc… I have had calligraphers, editors, writers, photographic directors, bloggers, and other creatives attend in the past…. If you are not a photographer and want to attend, you will definitely benefit from this workshop too- feel free to email me to find out if this workshop is right for you:

More info:

There are many incredible technical photography workshops out there which teach you how to use a camera, but my workshop will be focused more on inspiration, finding your own style & voice, and being fulfilled as an artist. I have compiled many questions I’ve been receiving from photographers and put together a talk to cover all those questions. This is not some class to teach you how to make your work look like Feather Love; Instead, it’s an inspiring environment that will help give direction as well as practical tools on how to find your OWN unique style & voice, and also on how to do so unapologetically!  I strongly believe that each artist has their own path. If you lose your entire grip on reality when you see a beautiful photograph, and you want your OWN work to give you that same feeling- this workshop is for you!

I approach my lectures from a philosophically-based, yet down-to-earth point-of-view founded on my own personal experiences & ideas. The talks are geared towards people who are interested in focusing on their art and developing as artists in creative businesses, with the ultimate goal being self-satisfaction in your work. I don’t advise on things like “how to make a million dollars”- yes, that’s important to some, but it means nothing if you haven’t found what you love to do and figured out how to do it FIRST. That’s what I care about first and foremost. I am much more interested in the quality of work we feel like we are putting out there and how it resonates with us as artists on a personal level, and how that ultimately affects us. Each one of my workshops is focused and finely-tuned specifically to the attendees who are there, their backgrounds, questions, industries, interests and specific needs.

Watch my videos & interviews to get an idea of what I like to discuss at the workshops.

Included in my talk is:

  • How I started in the industry & what step-by-step changes I made to increase personal fulfillment
  • How your work reveals who you are, self branding
  • Getting the clients YOU want
  • Influence & style
  • Artistic integrity & philosophy
  • Keeping inspired
  • “Shooting from the hip” & experimenting
  • Breaking rules to get the results you want
  • Being the Art Director of your shoots
  • Intuitive shooting
  • What is the artist creature? A discussion on how to merge your life, art & work together
  • …and lots more!

Find the next workshop here, OR you can request a workshop in YOUR city here. Set up a one-on-one Skype session with me here… Can’t make it to one of my workshops? Purchase my London workshop video here… read what people are saying about the workshops and video here.


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