April 18th & 19th, 2012

$1035 SOLD OUT

San Francisco Bay Area 2-day Workshop

Pacifica, CA  Beach House Retreat!

Oh boy I have so much to say about this MOST AWESOME WORKSHOP EVER! I’m pulling out all the stops and creating the DREAM workshop I have always had in my head.

Firstly, we are going on a little 2-day retreat in Pacifica, CA! (20 minutes outside of SF). We have a huge beach house all to ourselves. We are going to eat, talk, shoot, work, learn, and have tons of fun at our after party- which includes live entertainment! PLUS guest speakers, beautiful views, friends, Rue magazine, and a TON of information and inspiration all around!!!!

Can you tell how excited I am? Well here’s why:



CHLOE AFTEL– I am thrilled to announce that master photographer Chloe Aftel will be speaking with us on Day 2! She is one of my personal favorites as well as my dear friend. Chloe will be giving us a 1-hour full download on shooting with Polaroid! She is a legend in her own right and is one of the most inspiring and talented people I know. I also asked her to shoot Emily Deschanel’s wedding with me where she provided full film coverage. You have seen her work before as she not only did a shoot of me about a year ago, but has worked with tons of artists and celebrities as well. Chloe is going to be using Impossible Project film to show us how she makes her stunning, dreamy analog art! If you don’t already own a Polaroid Camera- you will want one after this.


ANNE SAGE– My dear friend & colleague- mastermind behind Rue Magazine as well as my favorite design blog The City Sage– Anne is going to reveal some of her secrets to running a popular, successful blog and creative business. She’s going to tell us how she keeps inspired & innovative with all her projects, and hopefully she’ll tell us how the hell she gets SO many followers on her blog. I have worked-hard-&-played-hard (and danced hard, but quietly- remember that one time, Anne?) with her several times for both Rue Mag and City Sage, as well as with our friends A B & The Sea, Bash Please, The Flashdance, Shark Pig, The Cream Event etc… I am always in awe of her bountiful energy, her reverence & respect for all the creative people she works with, and her bottomless pit of creativity. Not to mention her awesome style & sense of humor- I love Anne!



Day 1– I’m going to talk my ass off, and go over everything- the wedding industry, my artist philosophy, inspiration, experimenting, artistic integrity, self-branding etc… As usual, I will be discussing the artist experience and creative business, extensively. But I am also going to share all of my 6 years’ experience as one of the pioneers in the Alternative Wedding Industry with you. No holds barred- everything I know. My intention is to inspire the hell out of you for our shoot on Day 2, but also to inject you with some of the passion I feel towards being an artist. After that, we’ll have time for questions, then we’re going to eat, drink and all hang out together… AND we get a special private live performance from my clients & friends, San Francisco’s most beautiful duet couple: Tim & Nicki Bluhm! (Just to whet your appetite, a video I shot of them singing at my house can be seen HERE … PLUS the shoot I did with them for their Duets album HERE, and my other shoot with Nicki HERE).

Day 2– We wake up, eat and listen to our guest lecturers Anne & Chloe fill our heads with great ideas, tools, inspiration, & beautiful images. Chloe is even going to let us get hands-on with her Polaroid camera! Then we’re going to do a shoot hosted & produced by Rue Magazine & Apartment 34 (wtf!) which will also be featured in Rue! We’ll put our digital images from the shoot onto our laptops, and go over my workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop! **By popular demand, this is the first time I have EVER added workflow into my workshop! We’ll look at how I edit my images in Lightroom for correction, exposure & color balance. Then we’ll send the edit into Photoshop where I will show you some tricks and tips on how I find ways to create my own POST-PROCESSING! Yes- it’s something I have never shared before but YOU will get an insight on how to find and create your own processing that you love and that fits your style. My 12 year background in Graphic/Web/Multimedia design, as well as my 6 years of experience with digital processing in the wedding photography world is now bursting out of me and wants to be spread around! As you already know, it’s not about how to make your images look like mine, I will be sharing some practical tools on how to find and make your own “look” that fits your style. At the end of Day 2 we’ll have time for more questions and then that’s it!

My last workshop ended in a crazy, jet-lagged dance party… video evidence:



We’re having an optional sleepover on Day 1! We will have sleeping pads to crash out on, but bring your sleeping blanket and a pillow if you would like to spend the night. Think of it like glamping. If you live in town and prefer to go home or stay somewhere else, that’s totally cool!

Bring your laptops with Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop installed. If you don’t have these programs you can download the 30-day free trials HERE. (My laptop is PC, but if you have a Mac you will still be able to learn).

Bring your cameras if you feel like you want to shoot (I highly recommend this). Digital, film, vintage, and experimental cameras are all welcome! However, we will be doing digital editing & processing on Day 2, so it would be good to have digital images to work on.

DON’T bring a notebook, because I’m going to give you one, but bring something to write with.

If you have special dietary needs, please bring food that can accommodate you – we have a fridge.


$1035, straight up, that’s it. And that covers EVERYTHING: overnight accommodation, 2 full days, 4 meals (Day 1 lunch + dinner, and Day 2 breakfast + lunch), 2 excellent guest speakers, everything I know, afterparty entertainment, lovely people, and a head crammed with tons of information. You will go home totally inspired AND with the practical tools you need to make creative changes.


Film and/or digital photographers; amateurs/pros; wedding photographers; artists in the creative industry; designers; bloggers etc… If you are any other type of artist or creative business person, you will definitely benefit from this workshop too- feel free to email me to find out if this workshop is right for you: info@acp-featherlove-portfolio.flywheelsites.com


I AM SO STOKED about this one! It’s a little vacation AND workshop WITH ALL expenses covered! Accommodation, food, wine, friends, fun and LOTS OF LEARNING!

You will leave inspired… AND you will have my voice stuck in your head for like at least a week after (sorry). This ONE-OF-A-KIND, first-time-ever Feather Love Artist Workshop has just a few seats left, we are almost sold out… So please reserve your spot asap. (update: SOLD OUT)

Use the Paypal/credit card link at the top of the page to reserve your seat. If you prefer to send a check, just email me: info@acp-featherlove-portfolio.flywheelsites.com

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