Liliana, Luna & Paul Marrone at home

I’ve known (& photographed) this beautiful couple Liliana & drummer Paul Marrone (who plays in Radio Moscow, Birth, Psicomagia & Astra) for years & was so happy to do a shoot with them & their new gorgeous baby, Luna! This was shot at their incredible home (which I aptly named Hobbit Castle a few years back – you can see why…). Also, […]


it’s been a month since I officially blogged… sorry! But I do have a good excuse and that is: we just bought our first house and moved into it and then spent lots of time and energy working on it. And then spent lots of time and energy laying by the pool & doing absolutely […]

baby bird

Our zebra finches recently had 3 babies. In general, the birds are terrified of us and get all stressed out when Stuart goes in there to clean the cage. But the sweet little babies don’t know any better and they trust us completely. This will only last a couple of weeks until the elders teach […]