“As I witnessed the effect she had on me and the others, I realized a truth: Noa is a catalyst. And most of us were going to be changed forever by the experience. If you ever think about going to a Feather Love workshop, don’t think about it, just sign-up.”

“The Feather Love Workshop truly lit a fire under my butt and it isn’t just about motivation as an artist, it is a motivation to not be passive in life, to not let any barriers stand in the way of the pursuit in discovering the needs of our true being, well that’s what I took away from it anyhow and am crazy thankful for it.”
“Noa… made us feel like we knew her, most of us having followed her work for a while. A true born artist, sharing her knowledge and own inspiration, completely in awe of her throughout the whole day, I don’t think I’ve met someone with so much creative energy! What I loved about the workshop, was not just the appreciation of photography, but the overall sense of seeing life as one big piece of art and being who you want to be.”
“The workshop flowed over the next two days, with Noa sharing her insight on the photography industry, letting go of expectations, breaking down walls and finding your creative voice as an individual. Somehow in a room among 20+ others, the setting felt intimate and real… I don’t know how she did it, but it felt like Noa found a way to give each and every one of us exactly what we needed to move forward with our own individual creative pursuit. She filled a void and has calmed some of my fears. Given me a new sense of confidence… I walked away from the workshop having attained my goal, feeling inspired and moved beyond belief and having met an amazing group of creative people who I can identify with.”
“[Noa] has more confidence and artistic integrity than anyone I have ever met, and I’m so thankful for her influence in my life!…Photographers – you don’t want to miss the next workshop. This is not a workshop focused on processing and marketing tips you can find online; it’s about the honesty and fulfillment that comes with making your business, your art and your ‘self’ all one in the same.”

“So I left the workshop inspired, renewed, and feeling like I had finally been given permission to be who I am, to create art that means something to me, and to work every day on letting go of the fear that holds me captive and that also holds my art captive. I came home happier and more inspired than I’ve felt in about 3 years, excited to shoot, excited to plan personal projects, excited to start down some new roads.”

“When I first came across Noa’s work, I was a believer. I craved, I loved, I envied. I knew I wanted to feel about my work, the way I felt about hers. Noa is an artist. I am still on the path to discovery. I am trying to find my voice, and the goal is to let that voice be heard. Sarah and I walked into Noa’s magical home with our sponge hats on, ready to soak everything up. We came away fulfilled with knowledge, new friends, captured moments, amazing food, and overall, this sense of continuity in beauty. What I mean is, that we all desired the fuel to feed the fire. In our work and in our lives, and it was utterly refreshing to come across so much honesty and passion.”
“I have been undergoing an ongoing artistic revolution since Feather Love Artist Workshop. But before that, it started with the moment I ran across a photo of Noa Azouley-Sclater’s boho studio in Rue Magazine and felt my bones rattled by her photographs. Needless to say, I started following her story, and that led to the great fortune of being a part of her artist workshop. It was food for my soul. A ripe, dangling fruit splitting at the skins so much that I am still gleaning from the press.”
“I’ve been in love with [Noa’s] work for ages, so you can imagine how psyched i was when I read about her workshop… I left feeling completely inspired, with a renewed love for what I do. It wasn’t the late night dirty dance party that did it (although that helped), or the 45 minutes I’d slept in two days, or the fact that I boarded my plane home fully drunk — without shoes. It was watching someone do what they love, and do it well, without compromising an inch.”
“To be honest, this photography industry can suck you in and it can turn you into a robot of what “YOU THINK” that other people want. NOT what YOU WANT. So then you start to disrespect yourself and your art, it then turns into a job I hate and a job I have to show up for. HELLOOO, MCFLY! I quit that very same job that made me feel that way 4 years ago to pursue the job I love. I can’t believe I’m here again! The workshop was a wake up call for me to let it all go, start looking at my business differently and start doing what I loved in the 1st place.”
“I want to thank Noa for sharing her invaluable experiences and all the other presenters/teachers, but I also want to thank every other single person who attended the workshop for making me feel like part of something. I, along with most other people I think, have a deep desire to be liked and understood and participating in this workshop with you really helped me feel like that was happening. It was an experience that was greater than the sum of all its individual parts.”
“What we got from Feather Love Workshop was so much more. Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography put on such a good workshop that our brains have been on overload ever since… The whole experience was surreal and so much fun we feel blessed that we had the opportunity to attend this workshop and are still in the process of change and look forward to the future and what it has in store for us… Noa gave everybody at the workshop an opportunity to grow and opened that door of creativity and reminded us that we are all artists.”
“The Artist Workshop literally blew my mind… [Noa]‘s a power house. She’s about as authentic as you can get. She’s so well spoken, I could listen to her forever. Noa was born an artist… and she was also born to teach… let’s just say that doing Noa’s workshop has had a profound effect on me. I’ve gained some new insights about myself and my art and have been inspired. Thank you SO much Noa Azoulay-Sclater!”
“Last week I had the incredible opportunity of attending an Artist Workshop put on by Noa of FeatherLove Photography. I was fairly intimidated to begin with, because most of the other ladies in attendance were professional photographers. And, (newsflash!) I am not. BUT, they were all so sweet and wonderful. It was a great chance to network and be inspired by other creatives. If you ever have the chance to attend one of Noa’s workshops (OR a creative workshop in general), I encourage you to do so! **SO INSPIRING**”
“For too long I have let fear hold me back from my dreams and desires and after two days connecting with a group of amazing, brave, talented artists I’ve decided it’s about time I leap forward and grasp for the things I want in my life.”

“What else did i gather from this amazing workshop… a sense of belonging with the perfect group of people… create what you love… focus… build an empire of your work… don’t label yourself… intention… come from a place of artistic integrity… create… thank you feather love… so inspired right now”

“I think how most of us felt at the end of the day besides being inspired was that it takes a lot to find and keep true to your art. A lot of what was said most of us already knew, but sometimes it just takes hearing it again to really stick, and to know others are in the same boat.”
“Did the Feather Love Artistry Workshop give me exactly what I was looking for? Yes! Was it worth attending even though I’m not a photographer? Absolutely! Would I recommend it? 100%. Would I do it again? If it meant I got to hang out with Noa again, most probably : )”
“One of the many things that stuck from the workshop I attended was to give up control in my art. To stop trying for perfection and well roundedness. This truism was something that resonated with me and that kept revealing itself to me as both speakers and attendees shared throughout the trip… So much of what I do as an artist has to do with me controlling every aspect of the creation (as well as myself and how I react to it) and I realized that as I release pieces of that to the universe or to circumstance or to fate (whatever you want to call it) I begin to see such beautiful things unveil themselves.”

“I left the workshop with a thousand ideas and a lot of thinking to do. I’m definitely looking forward to making some positive changes to my business. I still have a lot of processing to do but am totally inspired! Noa – thank you SO MUCH for pushing me in the right direction and letting us take a little peek into your awesome life, style & home.”

“I not only learned how to scour wells of inspiration, but how to be a better person, a better artist, and a more insightful human being…”