Karissa, Coast Side Couture Event Planning

"I'd just like to say that thx to some lovely advice last year from our friend Feather Love, we really do attract clients that we love!"


"feather love workshop video watched, re-watched and could watch again!!! Fantastic & has stopped me going mad!! I N S P I R E D"


"oh my god noa. i just watched the 1st hour of your london workshop video & i swear to the infinite universe that it has inspired me in ways i had forgotten & in a place i thought was dying… kudos for rocking all over the fucking place, seriously."

Rory Amber Photography

"Where do I begin? I’ve been home for a few days from the two-day Feather Love Artist Workshop in Pacifica, and I am still on a creative high. All I can think is, “What next!?” I am so fired up to make more art and get to the heart of who I am as an artist that I can hardly sit down and write this...It was evident immediately that she had been working hard to gather the best and most crucial information we would need to realize the true artists inside ourselves....Noa’s inner work is inspiring. The sincerity in her images shines through because she has worked so hard on herself. She discovered a way to let the magic happen, to let the scene and the subjects speak freely and clearly.  So when she told us her secrets, her trials, and how she got where she is, we listened... As I witnessed the effect she had on me and the others, I realized a truth: Noa is a catalyst. And most of us were going to be changed forever by the experience... If you ever think about going to a Feather Love workshop, don’t think about it, just sign-up."

Studio 222 Photography

"My absolute favorite thing about the whole experience was how unafraid everyone was (Noa and my fellow attendees) to take conversations to a deep place right from the start. Be still my heart, I had found my people.... Thank you so much to Noa, who ripped herself open in front of us so that we could all rip ourselves open in return and find the parts of our artist who had been buried deep under years of fear and expectations, and trying to fit in."

Live It Out Photography

"… it was watching someone do what they love, and do it well, without compromising an inch. she is exactly how she seems…and as a result, is one of the most successful alternative photographers out there."

Ressull Salvi Photography

"what we got from Feather Love Workshop was so much more. Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography put on such a good workshop that our brains have been on overload ever since... The whole experience was surreal and so much fun we feel blessed that we had the opportunity to attend this workshop and are still in the process of change and look forward to the future and what it has in store for us... Noa gave everybody at the workshop an opportunity to grow and opened that door of creativity and reminded us that we are all artists."

Sarah Layne Photography

"Noa Azoulay-Sclater, aka Feather Love Photography, is successful at what she does because she truly does her own thing... I want to thank Noa for sharing her invaluable experiences"

Thaoski’s Blog

"Did the Feather Love Artistry Workshop give me exactly what I was looking for? Yes! Was it worth attending even though I’m not a photographer? Absolutely! Would I recommend it? 100%. Would I do it again? If it meant I got to hang out with Noa again, most probably : )"

Shutter Sam Photography

"... The workshop was a wake up call for me to let it all go, start looking at my business differently and start doing what I loved in the 1st place...Thank you Noa for allowing me to soak in all you have to offer"

Ross Dean / Photo Night Live

"At a time when photographer education frequently encourages the attendee to follow an already marked path, Noa emphasises on delving deep into ourselves to create a unique business and body of work that will forever nourish our creativity, find our own niche client and set ourselves apart from our competition, whilst reaping the benefits.  Presented in her unique, inimitable style, Noa tells her own story which has taken her from being a bride herself, wanting more when researching the market, to today being the owner of a very successful photography business, travelling the world over and being featured in some of the most respected industry publications."

Kristin Genna Photography

"Noa is full of life and full of the spirit of art making. She is not the kind of artist that rests or finds comfort in the familiar. She finds a way to take her influences, funnel and squeeze them through her unique perspective and marrow and produce something new and continues to create from a place of wonder and curiosity. She knows the rules and knows how to break them and with a strong backbone has been able to merge her creative life with her professional life. For me the Feather Love Photography Workshop was an experience that will influence my direction in an immense way… [it] truly lit a fire under my butt and it isn’t just about motivation as an artist, it is a motivation to not be passive in life, to not let any barriers stand in the way of the pursuit in discovering the needs of our true being, well that’s what I took away from it anyhow and am crazy thankful for it… Thanks so much… for being so open… and inspiring."

Brosnan Photography

"What I took away with me was learning where to find my own inspiration and thus creating the art that is true to me. I love how Noa tells it like it is and doesn’t edit herself to please others. Her work is a reflection of herself and that’s something I admire… We learned their views on getting the right clients for ourselves that will keep us true to our art. “Weeding out the shit” as Noa says… I just love how she tells it like it is."

Melina Wallisch

"what else did i gather from this amazing workshop... a sense of belonging with the perfect group of people... create what you love... focus... build an empire of your work... don't label yourself... intention... come from a place of artistic integrity... create... thank you feather love... so inspired right now"

Flutter Glass Photography

"[Noa] has more confidence and artistic integrity than anyone I have ever met, and I’m so thankful for her influence in my life!…Photographers – you don’t want to miss the next workshop. This is not a workshop focused on processing and marketing tips you can find online; it’s about the honesty and fulfillment that comes with making your business, your art and your ‘self’ all one in the same."

Rachael Ward

"Noa… made us feel like we knew her, most of us having followed her work for a while. A true born artist, sharing her knowledge and own inspiration, completely in awe of her throughout the whole day, I don’t think I’ve met someone with so much creative energy! What I loved about the workshop, was not just the appreciation of photography, but the overall sense of seeing life as one big piece of art and being who you want to be."

Hello Cupcake LLC

"The workshop flowed over the next two days, with Noa sharing her insight on the photography industry, letting go of expectations, breaking down walls and finding your creative voice as an individual. Somehow in a room among 20+ others, the setting felt intimate and real... I don't know how she did it, but it felt like Noa found a way to give each and every one of us exactly what we needed to move forward with our own individual creative pursuit. She filled a void and has calmed some of my fears. Given me a new sense of confidence... I walked away from the workshop having attained my goal, feeling inspired and moved beyond belief and having met an amazing group of creative people who I can identify with."

Flower Child Photography

"The Artist Workshop literally blew my mind… [Noa]‘s a power house. She’s about as authentic as you can get. She’s so well spoken, I could listen to her forever. Noa was born an artist… and she was also born to teach… let’s just say that doing Noa’s workshop has had a profound effect on me. I’ve gained some new insights about myself and my art and have been inspired. Thank you SO much Noa Azoulay-Sclater!"

Cedar House Photography

"I left the workshop with a thousand ideas and a lot of thinking to do.  I’m definitely looking forward to making some positive changes to my business… totally inspired!  Noa – thank you SO MUCH for pushing me in the right direction and letting us take a little peek into your awesome life, style & home."

Life As An Artistpreneur

"This truism was something that resonated with me and that kept revealing itself to me as both speakers and attendees shared throughout the trip... Thanks Noa for the inspiration. This is the beginning of something special."

Gypsy Cab

"I not only learned how to scour wells of inspiration, but how to be a better person, a better artist, and a more insightful human being…"