35mm photo on Virgin America

I took this shot on my Virgin America flight to San Francisco last week for my 2-day Artist Workshop….

Btw, Virgin, you were an asshole to me TWICE on my way back home – You didn’t let me get on my flight back & you forced me to wait 4 hours at the airport to get on another flight- which was actually fine because I made some new friends, incidentally I also made some new friends on my flight there too, so whatever… then I went to pick up the book I had left on my plane ride into SFO just 3 days previous, and you had already sent it out to headquarters…. totally annoying… but I still kinda like you, and your beautiful planes, and the fact that you don’t care about showing HBO & nudity on your in-flight entertainment. And I also really enjoyed your Virgin-produced Boing Boing channel… super cool!

35mm groovy film (straight out of the camera)…


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  1. What camera were you using. I am trying to get into 35mm photography, but know little about it. I am looking for a camera that produces images similar to this one of the plane. Any lead or info would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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