A “secret hotel” in Palm Springs

Last year I was invited to stay at this magic hotel in Palm Springs during one of my many trips back to California since I moved to Mexico 1.5 years ago. (I’m back in the states every month or 2 for work though). It’s a non-advertised, “secret hotel” which is all word-of-mouth… All gorgeous features shipped in from India, just stunning. And they also host selective weddings once in a while (which needless to say, I should be hired to shoot ;)… Well here’s my word-of mouth — Some photos of my stay at THE GREEN DOOR, including a self-portrait at the end as part of my #TravelSelfPortraits project (see my Instagram @featherlovephoto).

You can contact them via:

Tell them Noa sent you.

Some Polaroids below.

Self- portrait below. Part of my years-long #TravelSelfPortraits project.
IG: @featherlovephoto


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