angela & brandon

Avid readers, Angel & Brandon chose to shoot their engagement session at the coolest bookstore in San Diego: D. G. Wills in La Jolla. Then they took me out to the nicest dinner at Tapas Picasso (thanks guys)!! I also shot their wedding a few weeks ago in Carmel, CA… (pics of that coming soon).


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  1. Oh my God, Oh my god, Oh my God. I love every single one of these shots. I want to print them all, put them on the wall and look at them every single day. The light, those incisive Black and White shots. I am in awe.

  2. i can stare at these shots for days. i appreciate you showing off my angst and i wish i smiled more. 😉 in all seriousness though, i appreciate you taking such great photos of my sweet and handsome husband. 🙂

  3. It’s like capturing a wrinkle in time with two beautiful creatures! Great job in lighting, B/W my favorite for sure! and stunning all around.

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