ASTRA at their recording studio

ASTRA July 2008, recording session for their forthcoming album to be released by Rise Above Records.

My husband plays bass with ASTRA. They used to be Silver Sunshine but have gone through many major metamorphoses since then which include their sound and the addition and subtraction of musicians. I have acted manager, booking agent, tour management, merch girl, fan, and especially photographer over the years… about 7 years to be exact, or more. Now I am just acting Fan, major fan (and sometimes photographer). I used to book quiet a few bands and set up shows in the folk/psych scene for a while and have seen/heard lots of bands. I love music and am pretty picky about it. All I can say is that nobody is doing what ASTRA is doing. Nobody. And I CANNOT wait to hear this album. Stuart has promised not to play any of it for me until it’s totally done— at least before it goes off to get mastered. Nuff said. Back to the photos.

It was a very hot day in Crest! But it was worth it. I did some experimental photos with my Holga, which I love. Every time I use it, it reminds me to relinquish control because I cannot know what the outcome will look like. That’s the point of using a Holga. It has a mind and temperament of it’s own and the results always teach me to look at something differently; Therefore, always broadening my perspective. Funny how a cheap, small, plastic lens, knock-around camera can expose things you simply wouldn’t be able to see when using a quality camera/lens ensemble. The Holga builds character. The first few pics are Lomo (Holga).


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