kimberly & anthony

Ceremony: Alcazar Gardens, Balboa Park. San Diego.
Reception Dinner: The Prado.

Kimberly got her stunning vintage dress at: in Los Angeles. Her dress, as well as the rest of the wedding design were all based on Tony’s AWESOME authentic vintage cowboy tuxedo...


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  1. i LOVE that shot with kimberly and her dad (he is ernest hemingway incarnate) on the bench. they’re adorable. i love how you went around the park with kimberly and tony and didn’t do any “typical” balboa park wedding shots. great job, as per usual! 🙂

  2. SO MANY great photos. Just great! I was going to say ‘fabulous’, but someone already said that. I love the one on the balcony, but I really love the way you captured the whole event. I can’t pick a favorite photo.

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