meegan & jean-loius’ engagement party/surprise wedding

So Meegan & Jean-Loius set up an engagement party at her parents’ home in Costa Mesa, Invited 150 if their closest friends, and then shocked the hell out of everyone by getting married! It was awesome. I can’t imagine planning something like this and not being able to tell anyone- even the groom’s mom! Meegan’s parents used to own an Italian restaurant so her dad cooked a giant feast which was delicious. And then it was a total dance party after that. Super fun.

oh, hey- by the way we are getting married right now- oh and also, you guys are the bridesmaids.

& this was the total “omg you’re in a wedding dress!! shut the F up!” moment 🙂 it was seriously awesome to see everyone’s total surprise… I don’t know how Meegan kept this from her best friends… but she did! they had no clue. It was really cute.

How cute is Meegan’s dad?

And this is when the guests saw them and realized what was actually going on… this isn’t an engagement party- it’s a wedding! The cheers where so loud and emotional.

you guys are total sweethearts!


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  1. LOVE the photos & the surprise wedding story! Would it be possible to find out where they got the cake toppers?

  2. Hi..thanks for loving our wedding! it was the best night ever…the cake toppers are from Etsy…”cake topper” some lady has u send in a pic of your man and yourself and she makes them look like you…

  3. A friend of mine sent the link to these photos and described them as “edgy”. You cannot be serious? They look so amateur. They stink! Did the “photographer” just pick up a disposable camera at Walmart and show up at this event? Why is it cool to chop off heads, especially the bride and groom’s? I thought the whole idea is to see expressions and tell the story and capture the feeling of the day. All this “photographer” managed to capture were parts of bodies. Ok, one or two might be cool, but this is a bit silly. It is obvious the “photographer” knows nothing about properly lighting subjects and good composition! All the lighting is flat and amateur, underexposed and washed out. That is so overused in this set…I think the “photographer” screwed up on setting the camera properly. That is if she ever took the camera off of “Auto” mode, which I doubt, based on the results. Have you ever heard of tipping the camera vertically? This new standard or lack of…really sucks!

  4. Oh my goodness, LINDA! If you don’t have anything nice to say, you could always not say it. These are awesome photos!! And the b&g must be stoked.

  5. linda i am the bride of these so called amateur photos and i happen to love every single one of them…i have not met a bride who can say that…so stop being a d-bag…xo

  6. oh and chloe– thank you darling! honestly, if i get a comment like that i am always interested in what they thinks IS considered good photography. it also makes me feel like i am doing something right. my photography is not for everyone- i probably wouldn’t like my work if it was generic… so i am grateful to Linda’s opinion too. i am fortunate to have the most wonderful clients and i can honestly say that i truly do what i love. 100%. xoxo noa

  7. I love how you have captured everyone’s true character in these photos. No one looks like the deer in headlights. My favorite shots are the bride and groom reaching across the mailboxes and the dancing shots. In the dancing shots, everyone looks like they are all in a blissful daze and the lighting has such a wonderful glow around people. Love it!

  8. I’ve been thinking about doing a surprise wedding, and I have been reading the stories of them. So nervous! Btw, I love the pics. It’s called “abstract” in some cases, “vintage” in some others. Either way, beautiful!

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