my birthday weekend, snapped in Holga, Holga fisheye, and point-&-shoot

My birthday weekend in pictures. I got the best gifts. My husband rules. I love my friends.
Most importantly, Emilia of Auburn & Ivory and Veiled Vows fame made me cupcakes. They were the best m’f’ing thing I have ever had. Ever.

Tres Leches with a hint of cinnamon in the frosting. Chocolate intensity with homemade caramel injected into the middle. I named the former “Oh Hi, I think I just died and went to Heaven” and the latter “Kill me slowly with a cupcake please”. Appropriately named I assure you. And although I have been known to over-exaggerate from time to time, I swear I ain’t lying when I say these ARE the BEST cupcakes I have EVER had! Period. Made from scratch, best ingredients, home made.

Plus check it out, she’ll make them for your wedding/ party/ bridal shower/ event and in exchange you can donate to her Baking Towards Bliss wedding fund for her own wedding next year, which her and her darling fiance Bill are paying for themselves. A GREAT cause! You want this. Trust me, you want this… And Emilia’s baking-alter-ego is appropriately named Sweet Jane. I fell in love with her when I shot their engagement session a few months back, you can take a look at it here in order to understand why. But now I have had her cupcakes and I just want to spend the rest of my life with my Sweet Jane… feed me your cupcakes intravenously for eternity.


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  1. Hello I did liana’s Hair the day of the wedding you did an amniazg job on the photos.I would like to purchase or download some pictures that show her hair for my look book.thank you,Donna Kniss (951)236-2015

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