my wedding: table camera shots

I just posted a blog on Vintage Weddings by The Knot (I’m their “vintage wedding expert” along with Sweet Emilia Jane) about table cameras, using my own wedding as an example. I basically LOVE table cameras and don’t know why people have been eliminating them- I have heard lots of harsh words about them on blogs too… The table camera shots from my wedding are my favorites. And as I mentioned on The Knot, I think they seriously need to make a comeback. Here is a little collection of pics from my wedding back in June 2006, all shot by kids, drunk folks, and people who have no idea how to take photographs… Art spills out of these cheapo little cameras…!!


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  1. Is that Zooey Deschanel?!? Sure looks like her!

    I see my friend’s brother, Mark Murino, was a guest @ your wedding. Small world!

    Love the table camera shots. Hilarious! You’re right, they need to make a comeback in a big way!!!

  2. I think table cameras should be mandatory when it comes to weddings. It’s so much fun to see what’s going on through everyone else’s eyes. These are all wonderful!

  3. love these pictures! your wedding looks like tons-o-fun! do you mind me asking where it was held? was this in the san diego area?

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