recap on my bay area workshop – with photos

Wow! What an awesome and fun and full 2 days we had at my Bay Area Workshop.
I am currently gearing up for my next few workshops- 1 in San Diego (at my house!) on June 28th & 29th (sign up HERE) and New York at the end of July (mailing list), plus another London workshop coming up later this year (mailing list).

This was such a wonderful 2 days in so many ways! We had a husband and wife team, 2 sisters, and 2 babies-in-utero there – a first time ever at one of my workshops. Plus so many friends, guest lecturers, shoots and stuff going on all at once- we covered pretty much everything from my deeper more philosophical subject matter, to technical, business, creative, editorial, workflow, portraiture and lots of hands-on stuff. Plus eating, drinking, music and so much more. In fact, I couldn’t have said it better than the attendees themselves! Read all about it in the AWESOME attendee reviews of this workshop HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I have organized tons of photos taken by the attendees as well as sweet Kaz from Woodnote Photography who provided coverage of the entire event.  Thank you Kaz! I love the photos and so happy to have such a rad new friend!

All photos credited above each set of images.

Photo below: Studio 222

I rented this gorgeous giant beach house in Pacifica, CA- this was the view we had to deal with! The house had tons of secret rooms and lofts with hidden doorways that led to other rooms.

Photos below: Woodnote Photography

Photos below: Shutter Sam

Above, Chloe‘s Polaroid lecture and her stunning work!

Photos below: Rory Amber Photography

Above, Chloe‘s dogs paid us a special guest visit during our Polaroid project! The last image is of our shoot for Rue Magazine with the amazingly talented styling skills of Erin (Apartment 34), produced by Anne Sage of Rue Mag/ City Sage blog. We did a shoot featuring Three Babes Bakeshop (and then we ate their delicious sweet & savory pies!) Images coming soon in the next issue of Rue!

My dear friends and clients Tim & Nicki Bluhm hung out and sang at my workshop after party, an exclusive little performance just for us! We also gave each attendee a copy of their beautiful cd Duets.

You must watch this little video shot by attendee Sara Wilbur Photography of one of the songs they played!

Photos below:  Patti & Russ of Ressull Salvi Photography

On Day 2 of the workshop we had my friends, special guest lecturers Anne Sage (Rue Magazine / City Sage Blog) discussing social media and creative business, and master photographer Chloe Aftel teaching us about Polaroid cameras using Impossible Project film. We also received some discount coupons from Impossible!

Above left, Nicki and I getting a little snuggle in on the couch. On the right- me talking to the cops at the after party: The neighbor decided to flash my guests his private parts through his window, and then had the audacity to call in a noise complaint on us! So I asked the officer if we could file a counter-complaint at his genitals… he said No. But still… Anyways, we had a blast that night! Dinner, wine & live music… I loved hanging out with everyone there- what an epic group of people! After that, everyone crashed out in the house…

Chloe Aftel lecturing the next morning… Photo below: Studio 222

Photos below: Woodnote Photography during our Polaroid session. We teamed up into pairs of two as Chloe allowed us to use her slew of cameras to create some Polaroid magic…

Photos below: Jetkat Photo – waiting for the Polaroids to develop and then hearing all the excitement and gasping around the room as we slowly turned each one over to look at it…

Photo below: Woodnote Photography

And here are all the Polaroids everyone took of each other! So beautiful…

Kaz & I teamed up and shot these of each other. But the middle photo with my head replaced by a blast of light (what it looks like when my “mind is blown”) was taken by the fantastically beautiful Véronique Roch-Lefebvre.

My favorite one that Kaz took of me below.

The beautiful Rachel who produced the video that her fiance cinematographer Drew Dorsey shot of the workshop, interviewing the attendees. Photo below by Sarah Layne Photography

The crew! Group shot & all other photos below by: Woodnote Photography

The gift bags for my attendees!
Customized canvas tote bags from FBS Print – I use mine all the time now / Customized notebooks from Paper Coterie – everyone loved these!/ Had to share the beautiful sounds of my dear friends & clients Tim & Nicki Bluhm‘s Duets CD’s / Gorgeous art magazine Sioux Magazine / Cookies shipped from my favorite place to eat in LA Gjelina /  Discount coupon specifically for my workshops from my lab George’s Camera

FOOD! I wanted the BEST- Clean, super yummy food for my group- and I hit the jackpot! Catering provided by Square Meals (SO GOOD!) and delicious breakfast & baked goods by Batter Bakery – we ate like royalty!!!

And a few more from Kaz (Woodnote Photography) below…

I cannot say enough about Stacy, my workshop intern assistant who was so awesome that I ended up offering her a job as my Workshops Manager / Social Director … She completes me. Thank you Stacy!

Special thanks to Cinematographer & friend Drew Dorsey for video coverage (coming soon!) and his gorgeous fiancee Rachel for producing the little film we’re making. So glad we all got to live together in that giant rad house for 3 days! Also a very special thank you to my best friend Rob who set up the AV for us and gives the best hugs in the world- I love you , brother.

Read some AWESOME attendee reviews of this workshop HEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHERE and HERE.

I am currently gearing up for my next few workshops- 1 in San Diego (at my house!) on June 28th & 29th (Sign up HERE) and New York at the end of July (mailing list), plus another London workshop coming up later this year (mailing list).


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  1. Yay! Stoked to see all these pics together. So honored to be included in this blog & loved seeing everybodys own view of the workshop through thier photos. Thank you Noa for putting on such a inspirational & knowledgable workshop. Wish i could go to the SD workshop 🙂

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