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I haven’t updated all the press stuff on here for a while- I usually just put it on my facebook page and that automatically updates to my twitter… anyways, here’s some press, interviews and features I have received in the past few months!!

Manequim (in Portuguese):

Lady K Photography:
“…Not only was it super cool to meet her (she’s even cooler than I could’ve imagined -and that’s pretty fuckin’ cool!)… She is such an inspirational person to listen to and as she spoke, I could literally feel my insides awakening. EPIPHANY! … So thank you, Noa and I feather love you!”

Ruffled Blog:
“…The airy and ethereal feel of these images lends itself perfectly to the vintage-chic look”

Feel The Rapture:
“…Not only was her dress breath-taking, but so were the photos done by Feather Love Photography”

Tigers to Lilies: ttp://
“…Beautiful moments captured on film. Noa Azoulay-Sclater is the kind of woman you want capturing your stuff through her lens.”

My $1oK Wedding:
“…and one of my all-time fave photographers, Feather Love (Noa).”

Lovely Morning:
“…Did anyone else see this insanely amazing wedding from Feather Love?”

The Photography Parlour Interview! (Interviewed by Emma Case):
“…Noa is truly my inspiration. I’m relatively new to photography but when I first saw Featherlove’s work it completely spoke to me in a way that I actually find hard to articulate… like a fire in your belly sort of feeling. She is an artist who follows her heart and because of that I have the most amazing respect for her, she doesn’t try to be anything else and stays true to what she loves and her photos echo that so beautifully. I am truly transfixed by how she see’s the world and in a business where there can seem to be quite a formulaic way, or the ‘right’ way of taking photographs (especially wedding photography).. I applaud her complete independence and dedication to her art…it was actually quite a surreal experience… for me I find meeting people you admire and who inspire you so much more powerful and rewarding than meeting any famous person. I went a bit star struck (oh dear).”

Emma Case Photography:
“…her stupidly amazing, engulfingly inspirational work. I just can’t help it…”

Erin Ever After:
“…Noa does London… I am obsessed with Noa’s images. Every single one is pure and unadulterated gorgeousness”

Rock ‘n Roll Bride:
“…I knew, even without seeing a single frame or knowing the premise of the  shoot that they would be awesome…and boy how right I was!”
“…This real wedding inspiration shoot feels like it is straight out of a fairytale… Thanks to
Feather Love Photography, one of my favorite photographers, for these amazing images.”

So You’re EnGayged:

Cocoa Green:
“check out the GLORIOUS photography by feather love”

Hi-Fi Weddings:
“…Thank you Noa for sharing your thoughts and images with me…this is any photographer’s dream, and I’m glad everyone can live through your beautiful imagery!”

“…this is officially the best wedding ever. Will be hard to top this one. Every single picture is amazing. Everything looks amazing. I have no words to describe it.”

Flora Grubb (The Cutting Garden Blog):
“…The stunning, ethereal photos are by Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography.”

Rock ‘n Roll Bride:

Style Me Pretty Huge Double Feature (Part 1):
Style Me Pretty Huge Double Feature (Part 2):
“…Noa of Feather Love Photography completely blew it out of the water with this one… one of the best photographers out there… was there to bottle that magic and hand it over one amazing photograph after another. Seriously jaw dropping works of art these pretty images are.”

New York Times! (2nd pic):

Rebecca June:

Twenty Something Expres:
“…with a name like “Feather Love” you already know it’s dreamy! I can’t tell you how much I love her work, every photo is a picture perfect moment caught on film. The Concotion? My guess is a sprinke of love, 1 table spoon of vintage dust and a very talented artist! Noa, you are awesome! Can’t wait to meet up!”

Hi-Fi Weddings:
“…I have a huge e-crush on Noa. I think her photos speak more than just words and couples are only so lucky to have her capture their special day.”

“…I really like this vintage, french new wave inspired engagement shoot by Noa of Feather Love Photography … Very gorgeous couple and fantastic locations to bring in the 60’s vibe. ”

My Owl Barn:
“…blown away by the stunning photographs by Noa of Feather Love.”
“It’s like, you don’t hire Noa of FeatherLove unless you’re having a super-cool wedding and you don’t have super-cool wedding photos without her. So, yea.”

Sweet Emilia Jane:
“My cake and cupcakes photographed by the goddess of photography – Noa of Feather Love…”

100 Layer Cake:
“Noa of Feather Love always has such an amazing eye for offbeat weddings.”

“Noa is cool for a few reasons: First, her alternative-rocker-vintage way of styling and shooting. Second, she shoots a lot more than weddings (bands, album covers, travel, boudoir the way it should be — NSFW) but manages to be awesome at it all. She is a genuine artist. And third, because somehow, this crusader of nontraditional, non-fancy-schmancy weddings ended up shooting Heidi & Spencer’s wedding AND got kicked out. HA! Love it.”

Snippet & Ink:

Little Luxuries Of Mackinac Island:
“….I can’t get enough of the beautiful photos and unique shots”

Hi-Fi Weddings:
“You can see the souls of the people she captures. Dancing together in perfect harmony. Not only do I adore her style and creativity, but the way she thinks too!”

Vagabond Bond Interview! (by Amy Selley):

Utterly Engaged:
Utterly Engaged Magazine gave me a 6-page, 9-photo feature!! pages 16, 17, 34, 35, 36, 37!!! (sorry, scrap my earlier post- I didn’t see all those other pages :). Also, there are TONS of gorgeous photos in this issue from so many great photographers…

The Broke-Ass Bride:

Happily Ever After:

Possum & Deer:

oh loverly day:

Kai Sarah Sarah:
“I came upon this picture on one of our favorite photographer’s websites… love flowers. love these colors. love Feather Love.”

wedding ideas and tips:

The UnBride:
“the uber fabulous Noa from Feather Love…, my heart must have skipped a beat. Somehow I missed it in wedding-blog land when this wedding made the rounds but I thought it was just too gorgeous not to revisit since Zola is such a perfect Unbride.The images capture the feeling of this wedding so perfectly, it almost feels like thumbing through your parents’ wedding album with aged & crinkled photo corners…if your parents were incredibly chic & cool when they married that is.”


Auburn & Ivory Interview!:

Tren Di Nozze:

One’s Own Sweet Way:
“…One of favorite photographers (& bloggers) of all time! Darling Noa of Feather Love Photography specializes in vintage, ecclectic weddings, events, bands & adorable couple sessions…”

happy hour:

Veiled Vows:
“Not like any of us are surprised that Feather Love’s shoots are stellar but I mean these past two are just BEYOND. I think it’s a combo of Noa being an insanely phenomenal artist and her clients being a perfect match for her. Thank goodness for outside-the-box engagement shoots. I really, really hope you are shooting both these weddings, Noa, because I can’t wait to see them!”

The Bride’s Cafe:
“the beautiful and OMG AMAZINGLY talented Noa of Feather Love Photography……I adore Noa’s style of shooting….I love the “vintage” look and feel of her work…..always “picture perfect” and she captures the most adorable wedding stories.”

Rock ‘n Roll Bride:
“Photographer Noa has really been making waves in blog land over the last few months and as always it is my absolute pleasure to share this session that she sent me.”

San Diego Budget Bride:

Miracle & Wonder:

Something Blue:

Classic Bride:

Rock ‘n Roll Bride:

Ruffled Blog:

Oh Joy!

east side bride:

Jen Elisebeth:

Elizabeth Dye:
“The photos of Emily’s wedding… are incredible…”

Lake Jane:
“This one, photographed by Noa of Featherlove, gave me goosebumps.”

Pink Bicyclette:
“…once again I find myself obsessed with Feather Love photography.”

East Side Bride:

A Los Angeles Love:

Rock ‘n Roll Bride:

Fulltime Awesome:

LA Style Unveiled:

Life According To Celia:

LA Style Unveiled:

Pink Bicyclette:
“I’m newly obsessed with Feather Love photography. It is the antithesis of stuffy, forced wedding photography which makes the bride and groom look like Ken and Barbie on cocaine. These photographed are so filled with life and quirkiness that I almost want these photos of other peeps getting married as artwork for my apt. They so perfectly capture the moment…”

all my wedding faves:

nickel pickel:

bash eco:
“I was up till 3am gushing over all these photos, it was beyond tough narrowing them down…”

east side bride:

Drops of Jupiter:

Antler Magazine:
“Although she might be building a reputation as one of Southern California’s most sought after “wedding photographers”, Featherlove Photography founder Noa Azoulay-Sclater can hardly be left inside that little box. Her love of looking at beautiful things shines through in every single wild and dreamy image she creates. She also happens to have a sneaky suspicion that in some other lifetime you were probably best friends and you probably did something really wonderful for her, and now it’s time for her to return the gesture.”

Dr. Seuss Juice:
“i dont’ know that i’ve ever read a photographer’s “about me” that so closely aligns with the soul they put into their work.  Noa, your work is incredible, your disposition magnificient and view of the world magical.  AMAZING! ”

life according to celia:

Beloved Indeed:

the catalyst:


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