my grandmother Olga, the fashionista

This post on the Bust Magazine blog of Life Magazine’s 1944 sartorialist-esque spread ““Beautiful Girls in New York” (shot by Alfred Aisenstaedt), reminded me of my maternal grandmother Olga – fashion designer, Milliner, and fabulous fashionista! This photograph below, taken somewhere in Russia/Romania, is my favorite of her & my stylish grandfather- the handsome Ramish […]

russia. 1993 – dec 2nd 2011. my little big love.

In our 17 years together he went everywhere with me, every move to every city and every house. When I first brought him home he was 4 weeks old and could fit his entire little body into the palm of my hand. Since I was 18 years old, he loved me, followed me all around… for […]

old family photos

My mom just sent me those photos of her parents. I never met them. Grandfather Ramish was lost in the war, and Grandmother Olga passed away in her fifties. They were Russian/ Romanian. I simply cannot get over how gorgeous they were. They seem so intensely in love and passionate about each other too. My […]