The Finch Sanctuary.

Some pictures of our new home.


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  1. Love your new studio office. I loved my photos you did for Elad’s Brit Mila. Good luck in your new location and with your new gorgeous and improved website.

    – the Mare family

  2. How cool is your place! you need to come and fix mine 😉

    I love your new website – it’s outstanding! I’ve got my browser open on your site permnanently for the cool music!

    Rafi and the twins~

  3. OMG!! This is absolutely gorgeous! How much work did that take? It’s a total dream house, I’d love to get a tour next time I’m in SD.


  4. You’re home is awesome! and I love those white couches with the tufts. My dad has some like that in his house, and my sisters and I call them the “novela couches”!

  5. Heidy- thanks! This is actually our old place that we lived in 3 years ago… we have a new house that we bought a couple years ago- pics coming soon!! xo 🙂

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