unforeseen circumstances

Teo Griscom is one of my best friends. She is also one of the most talented artists and designers I have ever met. Over the years we have worked with each other on several creative projects and I have often used her as a source for creativity & inspiration…

Not only is she one-third of jackson, johnston & roe, three childhood friends who have used their mothers’ maiden names as the moniker for their clothing company. But she has also released her own line of undergarments, carefully curated & inspired by interior spaces & furniture….

(Ps: I designed the UC logo! : )

Made in New York, where she resides, from hand-picked silks and cottons from France, Teo combines the perfect elements for a woman who strives for quality combined with a hint of extravagance. The line is currently available for special order via email. New colors and bodies will be added slowly to the collection, with beautiful limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces.

These photos of an apartment in France were her influence for this stunning, delicate line.

And the best part is she is currently offering a limited edition bridal line: Unforeseen Circumstances hand-made panties & tops for the bride! Prices are $75 for the briefs and $145 for the tanks tops. She is also offering custom colors and fabrics if requested. The beautiful and organic peace silks she uses do not hurt the worm in the silk-making process and they are hand-dyed… it does not get any more pretty, handcrafted and eco-friendly than this. Order yours now directly from her: unforeseencircumstances@gmail.com

Also, if you have not yet experienced jackson, johnston & roe, you must take a look at this beautiful, feminine, vintage-inspired line of clothing here. All made in New York with organic fabrics. Absolutely gorgeous.


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  1. I just met Teo at a sale in Williamsburg then found your blog looking for images of the new line (as there is no website yet). You are both doing such beautiful work. Really enjoy your blog!!

    Thanks a bunch!! and all the best.


  2. hello there! i have officially found the best blog to stalk! hee hee…not only do you take gorgeous photos (thank you for sharing!) you say ‘yes please’! a girl after my own heart, i have yet to meet anyone besides my friend shawn and myself to utter those words in that context! however i must ask, do you raise your hand slightly when you say it…as if volunteering for whatever it is you’re ‘yes pleaseing’? 😉 well either way, i think you rock, i think your photographs are wonderful and i can’t wait to read more! off to read past posts!

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