Win a 2-night stay at Ace Hotel! + a very special announcement!

If I had to pick the most perfect sponsors for my workshops, it would have to be businesses that support arts & culture, and they couldn’t be more perfect than these guys… I hit the jackpot with this holy trinity. I am very very proud to announce that my upcoming workshop in San Diego is officially sponsored by:

ACE HOTEL is giving away a free 2-night stay at Ace Hotel & Swim Club – Palm Springs, CA to 1 lucky person who registers for my San Diego workshop before June 11th! Read about it here.


Between all the work I have done at The Ace on shoots, the partying, the laying around by the pool, the hanging out in the room, the eating, the being with friends etc, Ace has been one of those places over the past few years that I love to go to as often as possible- for work or for play. I even spent my last birthday there. Not only is it the raddest hotel ever, BUT, more importantly- they are saturated knee-deep in the Arts. Ace is constantly promoting musicians, DJ’s, photographers, art shows, discovering new talent, sharing beautiful work because they believe in art, and they believe in supporting it. So to hear how they feel about me leaves me speechless. Ace Hotel just fucking rules.

If it weren’t for Green Wedding Shoes, and the many features they have posted of my work (that have sent me tons of traffic and business over the years), my work may not have been seen by as many people who are familiar with it today. GWS has catapulted my business onto a new level, and I am so stoked to be working with them. Thank you for believing in me and for sharing my work with your millions of readers!

Musea is an online storefront for photographers that I am really excited about. The Musea blog is also one of the most honest and informative online publications that deals with all the different aspects of being a photographer/artist/business person, and I am honored to have been interviewed on it. Michael and I have become buddies over time and I have so much respect for the work he does AND for the donations his company makes to

Each one of these businesses/ publications has supported me as an artist and helped me in one way or another, to continue to put out work that I love. I owe them each a big thank you !!!

Nobody paid me to say any of this stuff above- nobody even asked me to… I’m doing it on my own volition because it’s all true.
More about my upcoming San Diego workshop here, and other workshops here.


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