a sweet letter from my sweet clients

“Noa! I just wanted to say how blessed I am with the photography. There is only so much we could do as a couple to make our wedding special and then we leave it in the hands of others to take it further. We could not have picked a better place to have it, and the fact that it was in the family was a miracle. Then we put together the details that made it ours, working so hard to have everything turn out just right. Picking the right photographer within our price range became a daunting task. There are so few that take the right style to capture what we wanted, let alone local, and in a budget we could afford, there were none. The wedding was the best we could have asked for and was so meaningful… Emily and I wanted a certain type of photography, more art than industry, but it was not something that could be understood by all. Unless you have an eye for it, photography let alone wedding photography falls into a tasteless wad of uninspired wasted celluloid and megapixels. Alas you are the exception! My descriptions to people of your work fell short. The results that I knew would be amazing, blew me away. I look every day at the pictures and can’t believe it is us and our wedding, with all of the touches we chose and made. What memories were made are now a lasting event in peoples minds, Thanks to the pictures. You were the best photographer for the job. The fact that you gave it to us is the icing. If we had not won it would not live on like it is. It did not take the words of friends and family to make me realize how amazing they are, and it is only more clear now that so many blogs are writhing about it, but I new before them! You are amazing and you did the best job Emily and I could ever imagine. It was the best day of my life. Thank you. I hope you get the recognition and continued work you deserve. I hope the contest payed of for you and that you enjoyed the experience. It was an honor to meet you. To set the record straight, I am a Portlander! If you and your husband are ever in the area look us up. It would be our pleasure to take you to other great places. I loved your photography around Portland… Thanks so much….!!!    Royal”

To see more pics from Emily & Royal’s wedding, go here.


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