Emily & Royal. Vancouver, washington.

Finally, here are a million photos from Emily & Royal’s stunning wedding. They won this contest that I ran back in April. They also won a gorgeous invitation design by the talented ladies over at D*LSH Design (see below). And we also got an AWESOME east side bride feature… Read about all the details of this wedding and see even MORE photos here on east side bride.

Emilia Jane, one of my favorite people (and one of my favorite models), offered to assist me on this shoot and came with me- we had the BEST time in Portland, you can see more pics from our trip here. Thank you Emilia! You are absolutely incredibly amazing and I love traveling with you… where shall we go to next?

So I picked this wedding as the winner for so many reasons, which you can read all about here.
I also took some experimental double-exposures with my Holga (look for the square-shaped pics below).

fairy tent. cute little areas to sit & hang out. beautiful hand made decorations.

Hand-drawn maps of the property to use when exploring…

Invites/ poster provided by D*LSH Design.

Kids that pick their noses in public & don’t give a damn are awesome… but this adorable little girl is actually showing off.


Their wedding canopy was the EXACT same one we had as our Chuppah at our wedding… I love it!

Everyone cried at this ceremony, including yours truly and Emilia. everyone.

I noticed the bbq smoke and figured it would double-up as some seriously awesome fog.

Tree house!

Tea party at the edge of the creek.

Re-creating the pose from the photo that won the contest.

Major cake porn up ahead.

I still can’t believe that ribbon cake design.



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  1. Thank you, thank you! I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for these and they are even more amazing than I imagined. You truly captured each moment and special place in their garden fantasy-land! I’ve looked through them 3 times already and notice something new and precious each time. I’m so grateful you chose them for this and helped preserve their incredible day so exquisitely!

  2. Royal and Emily both believe that “dreams do come true”, first finding each other and then finding you. Your photography captured that essence. It is magical and so unique. Thank you for your gift to them.

  3. I am in TEARS looking at these just like I was in tears at the real thing. I am transported back there and it is more magical than ever. Did they just die when they saw these?

  4. most beautiful wedding photography i have ever seen.
    and the most beautiful wedding.
    i’m dying from all of the beauty!

    you are so incredibly talented.

  5. I have been checking your site EVERY day, and now, here they are. What an incredible job you did!!! Such a beautiful wedding and you captured it wonderfully. Love your amazing gift! You couldn’t have chosen a better couple to bless!

  6. ::gasping for air:: . Just magnificent. And simple. And pretty. And powerful. This is why I subscribe to your blog.

  7. I am a huge huge fan of your work (and totally smitten with this amazing wedding!) My fella of nine years and I will be getting married next year (we figure ten years deserves a celebration! Something here clearly works) and I would love to know two things: One- might might might you have another contest??? And two- who made that glorious dress of Emily’s?
    Thanks so much,
    you fan Sam

  8. Noa, I’ve had a Feather Love deficiency all summer! This more than makes up for it (and for the fact that we didn’t win! : O ))!!! I’m linking this, ESB’s recap, and featuring that first photo in my Friday dance. Your talents have been missed this summer!! We need more prolific posts like this one. : )

  9. These images are so, so beautiful. Cannot believe I waited until today to stalk them out. Absolutely LOVE the collage/decoupage work. It’s refreshing to see something more original being put out there.

  10. This wedding is ridiculously gorgeous. Absolutely fabulous job, Noa. I cannot wait until you document my birthday. 🙂

  11. HI Emily and Royal Jesse sent me the pictures and I just so enjoyed them. On my next visit up I hope we can get together and I’d love to meet Royal. It looked like a beautiful wedding. The roses are spectacular and those cookies and cakes to die for. What alot of work that was.

  12. i dont know if i commented already but i LOVE the way you shot this wedding! i LOVE the sunlight/fog while they are standing in the trees and the CAKES!!! you know i love cake!
    excellent as always!

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