world tour Part 2: caught in the floods / hurricane irene

I drove up to the Catskills mountains from Brooklyn on Friday to shoot a wedding on Saturday. Because of the hurricane and how it was predicted to shut NYC down, I had my flight to Fiji changed to go out of Buffalo instead of JFK on Sunday. But, we got hit really hard by the storms in upstate NY- nobody expected it.  We ended up being in some of the worst flooding in the state. The freeways were shut down, we lost power, internet etc. And finally had to be evacuated to another town nearby. We literally raced the flood in our car before they closed the bridge down, otherwise we would have been stuck up in our hotel for another 2-3 days without power/phone/internet. From our beautiful Mount Tremper hotel (Emerson Resort), we evacuated to Kingston where we sort of camped out at the Holiday Inn with everyone else who was evacuated. That place ended up getting flooded too- a giant roaring river rose about 20 feet high up onto the building, completely covering an entire electrical box so half the hotel lost power too…

So anyways, I wasn’t able to make it to Fiji for my other wedding, which is a real bummer. We finally got out of the floods and drove back to Brooklyn Sunday evening. A 2.5 hour drive took about 6 hrs with all the closed freeways and all the people coming back to the city because they had initially escaped the hurricane to go upstate where it would be safe… Ha, funny thing is, the city was almost untouched by the storm!  So anyways, we’re safe and sound and all that.

I’m in Brooklyn for a few more days before I head off to London, if anyone wants to set up a shoot/ one-on-one workshop/ meeting etc, just shoot me an email!

This was the gorgeous place where the Catksills wedding took place… pics coming soon.


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  1. Never thought I would see the day that NYC got hit by a hurricane, good to know that you are safe. Despite the fact that hurricanes are terrifying. Hope I see you in London, and the safest of travels.

  2. Oh, no!! That’s terrible!! I live in Louisiana and after surviving Katrina and Rita, I know just how terrifying that can be. So glad you’re save.

  3. Noa I seriously can’t believe it – I’m so sorry about the Fiji wedding, I was looking forward, of course, to the images. In the meantime I can’t wait to see the Catskills wedding – I still cannot believe that I had to cancel working with you there for that “other” reason. Strange the way the universe works sometimes. Glad you’re safe and sending good vibes your way for the rest of the trip. xo

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