GREAT PRESS from the past couple of weeks…

Since I released my new website & blog, and especially since Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt threw me out of their wedding last week (best thing that ever happened to my career so far?), I have been getting lots of press. LOTS. of press.

I want to thank every one of the following blogs that have said such kind words about me & spread my work all over the internets! Please follow these links below to have a read… This truly has been an amazing trip… xo Noa

Here is most of the press from the past two weeks, please follow the linkss to read the entire story:

E! Entertainment Daily 10… photos featured of Spencer & Heidi’s wedding.
Oh Joy!
… “great indie style engagement & wedding photos”
100 layer cake
… (aboutthe Zola & Derick e-session): “so personal and perfect in their own backyard, their own living room, amongst their own collection of tiki ceramics and midcentury furnishings. This is how you capture the spirit of a couple.
The Wedding Bee
… “Noa has such a gifted eye”
Crazy Days & Nights
…”Noa’s blog is filled with great photography”
The Flashdance
… “one of my new favorite up and coming photographers”
casando ideias
… “her incredible photographic talent… Talk about awesomeness!
Rock ‘n Roll Bride (#1)… “Another of my most favourite photographers”
Rock ‘n Roll Bride
(#2)… “as rock ‘n roll as Noa is, she was actually chucked out by ‘Speidi'”
east side bride
(#1)…  (regarding the contest) “it’s too cool for me not to put up.”
east side bride
(#2)… “Have you looked at Noa’s portfolio? I think she’s the big deal.”
Wedding Chicks
… (the Wedding Chicks say about Speidi): “…once they see what a lovely job they will be bummed on how they treated her”
Green Wedding Shoes
…”Her photos are pure beauty. I want to hang them on my walls!”
c is for charmed
(#1) “The slight grainy texture, the vintage tinting, the 60’s styling. its all so dreamy!”
c is for charmed
(#2)… “my new favorite photographer, Noa from Featherlove”
Vintage Glam Weddings
… “This vintage inspired engagement session made my heart skip a beat… It certainly belongs to a fashion ad.”
a $10,000 wedding
… “photos by the equally moniker-blessed photog noa of feather love”
Little Winter Bride
… “Soooooooo dreamy and romantic, don’t you think?”
Veilied Vows…(#1)… “I am just crazy about how Zola and Derick’s engagement shoot turned out”
Veilied Vows
…(#2)…  “The photos are incredible (would we expect anything less from Noa?) …you ARE an artist!…”
Mint Julep
… “Mind blowing photography”
relentless bride
…  “all i can say is WOW”
little things really
… “They are so authentic and vintage and beautiful… she’d make a killing in Seattle. So hip.”
Lake Jane… “I was so taken by how romantic and moody the images were.”
Run, Knit, Get Hitched
… “…(Noa) was asked to shoot details of the wedding by the wedding coordinator (as speidi had hired paparazzi for their wedding photographer…no joke)…and she was later accused of BEING paparazzi and escorted out”
Nick & Anela
… ” New Favorite Photographer… Looking at Feather Love makes me really excited to get married”
a summer picnic weddin
g… “I love her reaction though!…” but I’m not a paparazzi- I’m an artist!” Damn straight she is! Look at her photos!”
its quintessential
… “these pictures are traveling around in blog world like wild fire… How could anyone ask such a talented photographer to leave? Look at these photos people; this is what you want to see when you look back at your wedding”
erin. ever. after
(#1)… “Wow. Are people really that cool or does the photographer have anything to do with it? I am hoping I can show up on my wedding day and my photographer will magically make me look like this.”
erin. ever. after
(#2)… “Noa, if you come to my wedding, I promise I won’t kick you out.”
The Wild Years.
.. “What a talent. Her pre-wedding photos are not only beautiful, but exciting and unexpected; the kind of work that will last, that is rich in color and technique while exciting with the angles and propping, that works as a photo unto itself not something to merely capture an event… She is the best wedding/pre-wedding photographer I’ve seen.
Little Birdie Boutique
… “blown away with the beautiful images I saw”
the go to girl
… “it is the most stunning site of fotography, design, type, color, music.”
With This Ring
… “I couldn’t resist showing you some of these beautiful photos that Noa took. You should really go read her post, it is a hilarious account of the night”
Letters To Emi
… (about my portfolio site): “let me direct you to my favorite place, They even play music by Devendra Banhart
Steph Lloyd… “
Alternative. vintage. fresh. modern. creative. fun… she definitely covers all those things… she is amazing. If you’re not subscribed to her RSS, you should be!”
ideal favors
… “I’m pretty smitten with her photography style. It seems vintage, stylish, moody and romantic all in one. The way that the light is captured in every shot is so beautiful”
Marry You Me… (about The Hills wedding): “As they were cutting the cake, they flipped out and accused her of being a paparazzi and had her THROWN OUT! Classy”
Finishing Touch… “Noa of Feather Love Photography took all of the gorgeous photos”
pretty pretty paper...  (about the contest): “free photography by a fantastic photographer and perhaps a feature on east side bride?”
Adam & Eve
(#1)…”I have really never seen engagement pictures like this. What I love about these pics? This couple graciously allowed you into their world, their passions, and for a moment even their home…”
Adam & Eve
(#2)… “Their work is unbride, ungeneric, and unimaginable.”
Not The Marrying Kind
… (about my pics of Perez Hilton at Speidi’s wedding): “I love the photos (as usual), but I love it even more when Perez Hilton pops up in them! What can I say???? I love gossip. It’s my thing. Let it go.”
El Beso
… “I can’t take my eyes off these engagement photos”
pretty things… “I want Feather Love to photograph my entire life. Her photos are beautiful, unique, and full of personality.”
Not a bride yet… “picture by noa of featherlove photography which by the way looks really great”
The Lane... (regarding our Speidi story) “… this is a must read/must see! of course MTV was there…”
Stynxno is a Groomzilla… “yelling at a photographer at your own wedding is pretty stupid”
Curve-Hugger… “I love the moody, almost film noir quality of the images, and of course the vintage-inspired styling…”
Holly, James & Ben… “who kicks out of their wedding reception one of the best photogs around?”
Fig Studio… “Really beautiful images, really. Feather Love, you are awesome”

And I couldn’t resist to mention a comment I found on one of these blogs, it’s a classic!:
…Maybe they’ll make it up to Noa by letting her photograph the divorce…” ha, ha, bring it! ; )


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