… so I ended up at Spencer & Heidi’s wedding….

ok, so I was asked to shoot the cocktail reception for the Speidi wedding last night. No, I was not their photographer- they hired a paparazzi photographer from a popular publication to shoot their wedding (yes, really)- I was asked by their wedding coordinator, Michelle of Mint Julep & Michael Antonia of The Flash Dance to be there.

So to cut a very long story short. There was the hired paparazzi photographer, and then there was me. I don’t watch TV and I have never watched The Hills so I had no idea who was there but I just snapped away anyways. I can say that it was totally awesome to meet Perez Hilton (and get a pic snapped with him, see below). He is ultra-sweet. I can also say that the vendors did a really incredible job.

Also, it was so great to finally meet Michael Antonia (The Flash Dance DJ) who is just as nice in person as he has been on the phone & email. And I HAVE to say that YES, he really IS that good of a DJ!! You can see some pics below of Perez Hilton cutting a mean rug to Michael’s beats! (btw, Perez throws down some badass dance moves!) No wonder The Flash Dance has had such a media frenzy around him lately, the guy totally rules and he had half of Hollywood shaking their asses last night. All the vendors did a phenomenal job! Seriously. Check out the photos below to see flowers, cake etc. Here’s the vendor list:

DJ: Michael Antonia (The Flash Dance)
Coordinator: Michelle, Mint Julep
Venue: Social Hollywood
Florist: Brent Wang of Eggs, Los Angeles
Cake: Sweet Gems

So anyways, Speidi is cutting the cake and all of a sudden they get really upset and they start yelling at me and telling me to give them my CF card and how did I get in, and which magazine do I work for. Ha! They thought I was paparazzi! (This may or may not all end up on The Hills- who knows). Well, then I was asked to delete my photos in front of their photographer so he could watch me do it, and then some very VERY large men started to “remove” me. It was pretty crazy. There was one guy who stopped them and said he would follow me (along with two giant bodyguards) and make sure I left without the whole, like, throw-me-out thing. I think he realized that I was NOT going to sell the photos to some magazine but that I really was just a vendor. I kept saying “but I’m not a paparazzi- I’m an artist!”. The whole thing was seriously hilarious- especially because they thought I was some sleazy photographer who was going to sell their photos… Here I was asked to shoot details and people at this wedding and next thing I know, I was being “escorted out”.

The Flash Dance and I spend like all of our time and energy promoting alternative weddings and then somehow we end up at the generi-wedding of the year!! It’s amazing how they got some really cool vendors to organize, Dj, flower, and bake for this gig… See more over on The Flash Dance blog.

ok. Enough words, more images:

Florist: Brent Wang of Eggs, Los Angeles

Cake: Sweet Gems

Venue: Social Hollywood

DJ: Michael Antonia (The Flash Dance)



I love this shot.

Speidi’s table.

get it, Perez!

Dancing away to Michael’s badass tracks.

Heidi’s producer.

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt with Perez Hilton.

With their photographer.

What a weird/ adventurous/ crazy/ night… see and read more over on The Flash Dance blog.


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  1. beautiful! the floral shots are my favorite… amazing! i wish you could have been around for the danceparty and the speeches! there was some serious humor at the end of the night. i fully understand why the paparazzi is so obsessed with them… they are hilarious (i just don’t think they know it) Thanks Noa! -MICHAEL

  2. haha hilarious story..how deluded are those two?! i have a bit of a confession – The Hills is a bit of a guily pleasure of mine jusy because its soo bad it’s good! your photos are phenomonal how dare they think you were a pap! And im so glad you didnt have to delete the photos that would be terrible
    as annoying as those two are, their wedding does look beautiful…i think i will have to feature these on RnR Bride as the ANTI-rock n roll wedding!

  3. you story is amazing!! haha, i love it. it’s just so fitting of them (i act like i know them outside of tv!)

    But regardless, your photos are aaaamazing, as always! ; )

  4. Oh my gosh! Those photos and the entire set-up look way more beautiful than they deserve. Someone should have stepped in to your rescue on this. Never the less, great job! So beautiful.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous shots! The lomo effect suited all the pictures so well… I love the details of the wedding, especially the variety of floral arrangements present… Definitely stylish…

  6. that is so hilarious! And crazy that most people would die to have you be there wedding photography (seriously…the flower and cake shots are GORGEOUS!) but people like that would prefer ‘paparazzi style’ photography…maybe that’s a new package you should offer?!


  7. My jaw has been on my desk since I started reading this post. The pictures are phenomenal! So much better than the pictures from the pap-photographer that they hired, I’m sure. I love the flower shots and the candid guest shots. Why did Speidi have to ruin the party!? Their loss! Great job, my friend!

  8. This is just too good – those two seem to heart drama and bad paparrazi pictures. Note to Speidi: US Weekly is not a wedding album! Your pics were beautiful tho and did the event more justice than it deserved, but the amazing vendors did a good job.

  9. fab photos. definitely too good for them. i bet they’ll be kicking themselves when they realize what they could’ve had more of. btdub: me thinks mtv paid for everything and therefore these two probs got such amazing vendors because they had someone else do the work for them. wish i had that!

  10. Beautiful pictures! They would have been lucky to have you shoot for them. I don’t say this much, but…what douchebags!!!

  11. Beautiful pictures! I can’t believe they hired a paps photog to shoot their wedding (make sense tho) and that even tho you were hired to be there, they kicked you out. What A-holes! Gotta love LA, huh? You’ll probly end up on the show.

  12. Your photos of the wedding are amazing. It is horrible that you were treated that way. If they only knew what the end result could have been…

  13. oh my! idiots! they will be so upset they threw you out when they see all of these fantastic shots they’ll never have.

    i love your photos!

  14. This is so great! Actually hilarious because I was watching Entertainment Tonight last night and they should Heidi’s Mom crying because all she wanted to do was see her daughter and it had been months and months and then you show these photos of them together..haha oh the lies of the tabloids.

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