i shot emily deschanel & david hornsby!

… and they are beautiful, sweet, funny as hell and completely in love with each other.

The entire thing was designed, planned and executed by the most talented Paige & Kelly at Bash, Please… gorgeous wedding!

This is the only photo they are releasing – at least for now. And we got published in People Magazine! Here is the link to that, but the print issue comes out October 11th. Rad.


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  1. NICE! i love her and i love BONES. very cool, can’t wait to see more. ps. you are incredible and when you have another workshop- I AM THERE. i’m originally from sd so i am always stokity stoked for any excuse to go home… and learning from you would be AMAZING. keep up the gorgeous work! 😉

  2. Oohh! The print issue is going to be released in my 20th birthday. Thank you.
    I love “Bones”, Emily is my favourite actress. Very talented, beautiful, good person. Deserves to be happy.
    The dress is very simple and very beautiful. The hair is perfect. But those white shoes… not so good with the dress color. She is stunning though. David looks very handsome too.
    Best wishes to both.

    oh, i almost forgot, her birthday is on October 11th as well.

  3. it’s the 11th. it’s my 20th birthday. and i haven’t seen any wedding photos yet. besides this one. when will you publish the rest?

  4. emily & david have only released that one photo so I won’t be posting any more pics from their wedding, unless they change their mind… xo noa

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