most beautiful wedding ever! Zola & Derick.

Remember this adorable couple from this engagement session that I shot at their home?

Well, Zola & Derick got married and it was simply the most beautiful thing ever. She found her vintage dress on Etsy- I couldn’t think of a more perfect dress for her…  I love it! Derick & the groomsmen were in baby blue linen suits. Bridesmaids looked stunning in their yellow early-60’s style dresses. Zola made all the beautiful terrarium centerpieces (she makes and sells these so keep that in mind for x-mas gifts coming up!). I just love everything about this wedding.
Ceremony: Marston House, Balboa Park
Reception: Redwood Circle, Balboa Park.

To see the engagement session I shot for them earlier this year, click this link.

*** UPDATE*** lots of you have been asking some questions about this wedding, here are some answers from Zola.
the bridesmaids’ dresses are the Kate dress from J. Crew, purchased off eBay
Zola’s dress was from the Vintage castle shop on Etsy.
Anyone interested in purchasing terrariums for x-mas OR for their wedding centerpieces can contact Zola directly at: (As of now she’s only going to do local San Diego delivery or pick-up, but might do OC/L.A for bulk purchases)

OK- less talk, more action…

Is she not the loveliest thing you have ever seen???

Portrait of a lady….

And Derick looked so handsome! I absolutely love his suit.

To see the engagement session at home that I shot for Zola & Derick earlier this year, click this link.


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  1. OMG… this wedding was so beautiful and perfect. Your fotos brought tears to my eyes… I wish I could re-do my wedding and have you in charge of the photography! xoxox

  2. hi!!

    i love this wedding!

    where are the bride’s shoes from?

    i adore her hair! I’m having a bird cage veil too, and i’m planning to do my hair like this!

  3. thanks everyone! very sweet!! 🙂 I just updated some info at the top of blog, some questions answered by Zola!!! this was truly a beautiful wedding, top to bottom. and I had a blast shooting it… Some of these pics were shot by my intern/assistant Moe… who is incredibly gifted! Thank you Moe for all your hard work and beautiful art!! —Noa

  4. You’re remarkable, Noa!
    *if this were a test and I were a teacher, I’d award you with every gold star in the universe*

    -A kid from Ohio

    PS @naomi marie, the shoes are Frye brand. I just so happen to have a brown pair from 2 years ago.

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