zola & derick’s engagement session at home

Here are the snaps from Zola & Derick’s engagement session. This sweet and stylish couple have such a cute house! I feel that shooting people in their home always exposes you to who they are… This is their stuff, their dog, their space, their bedroom, their taste and their little love story… in pictures. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding.


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  1. Ah! I love their photos SO much! I wish Bill and I had, like, kissed once but that’s OK. Maybe Zola and Derick will come over for the next record party, no?

  2. Emilia– you silly girl, remember when I said not to worry about my ideas because we would still do romantic shots? and you said (& I quote) “Romantic Shmomantic” 🙂 ha– I think that’s exactly why we got such awesome shots is because we didn’t go the usual route! It’s perfect, classic, beautiful. And it still shows how much you guys are in love…. and I love the Zola & Derick snaps so much too! These 2 are such beauties aren’t they? I love how we went from the hippie thing to the 50’s housewife thing etc etc… They were the best! And that pooch insisted on being in every shot. A record party would be fun- I should ask them! I am sure Derick, Stuart & Bill could have a “record-off” while we have a “bake-off” & sip wine and discuss important things with cardboard versions of mega-hunks. xo

  3. Hello, I work as a photographer too!
    And sometimes I shoot weddings!
    I always wondered who I would hire to take pics of MY wedding !!!
    It couldnt be just any photographer!
    And for the first time, I saw someone’s work that makes me feel like:
    I am from Brazil… just so I can start dreaming…. would you work abroad?
    What are your rates for this case!?
    And rates for handing the large format pics too! 🙂

    Your pics are AMAZING ! and very dreamy !

  4. wow. these photos are cool. i had to comment because i just can’t get over how much their house looks like my grandma’s house and i am not kidding. i think my grandparents have that same clock and an organ that looks like that piano. the furniture, the colors, the decor. wow.

  5. those are really really great!!!! good looking couple,so glad u sent these for ur dad &me 2 c,i’ll send them 2 leslie&ashley,thanks for sending. love ya,aunt melba

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