my new portfolio site!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet, I am extremely thrilled to share my new portfolio site,… it took forever but it’s finally up and running. I wanted to move forward from the flash design, the music, the giant logo etc and just have a good space to feature my work. My idea was to build sort of a tapestry of my images that work all together looking at them as one piece (you can zoom out on your browser to populate more images per row), and also be able to view them individually in a clean and simple environment. Designed by my dear client/friend, the brilliantly talented Jenny Ryf Doucedame (remember their wedding & their couple session?) and programmed by Nick Iverson– an absolute pleasure to work with! Also, during the entire design process, Jenny and I managed to converse entirely via email using strictly Summer Heights High lingo… SO professional… Jenny also happens to have a rad new t-shirt line out right now: TUCO. You may also notice my blog design has been slightly updated, as well as my infofaq’s pages.

Click below to view my new portfolio (some images may be nsfw).


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  1. Love your site and love your imagery.
    Happily save up my money to fly over to the states and have me and my families’ portrait shot by you…
    Tim :o)

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