Video: My talk for Adobe on Breaking Photographic Rules & Experimentation

ADOBE asked me to give a talk at their sold-out Creative Jams event in San Diego. I chose to do my talk/presentation about how I break photographic rules and use several forms of experimentation to keep me inspired. I wanted to talk about my “weird work” and not the “regular work” (- which is generally inspired by the […]

my wedding: table camera shots

I just posted a blog on Vintage Weddings by The Knot (I’m their “vintage wedding expert” along with Sweet Emilia Jane) about table cameras, using my own wedding as an example. I basically LOVE table cameras and don’t know why people have been eliminating them- I have heard lots of harsh words about them on […]

David Hurley

David Hurley: Extraordinary percussionist, musician, world-traveler, nurse & friend. Promotional shoot for one of his albums at his home in Hillcrest, San Diego. Dave plays in a band with my husband; you may remember him from these ASTRA shoots: here, here and here. Here are some of his different musical projects on Myspace: […]