cabinet of curiosities: Ingrid, san francisco

Cabinet Of Curiosities: Interesting People In Their Natural Environments… Ingrid, San Francisco.

I have been photographing this ongoing project on & off for about a decade or so: shooting people in their homes…
This shoot was one of two I did in San Francisco as a submission for a magazine.

Here is my friend Ingrid in her home.

I have always been intrigued by taking a look at people that I find fascinating, how they fit in their homes, the things they choose to collect and surround themselves with, and what that says about them. I love this combination of objects, art, colors, architecture, clothing, curios etc., and the unique portrait it paints of the individual.

When given the theme “cabinet of curiosities” by the magazine I was submitting to, I decided to combine these two ideas into this project. For me, this meant looking at that conversation between the person & their space & their inanimate objects together as one subject- sort of a “posed /propped-up-on-a-shelf / behind-a-glass / in-their-natural-environments” view, so to speak.

Another underlying theme that comes to mind is “oddities”- which is generally the purpose of these cabinets filled with collected items. I choose people who interest me based on their character, their art, their strangeness, or anything else that strikes me about them. It’s odd to collect things, if you think about it. And I like people who are odd…

Check out this shoot I did with David Hurley of ASTRA at his home earlier this year, for the same project…
Also, I will be posting tons more SF pics in a few days, so check back!
The next Cabinet Of Curiosities shoot I will be posting is a much much darker one….. ; )


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  1. I know Ingrid! How do you know Ingrid? And I also own her pink dress (which she wore the weekend I met her in palm springs). Freaky! So random to see her here. Love these!
    I’ve always wanted “house portraits”:)

    1. no way! i know Ingrid through a bunch of my friends from San Diego… she’s golden 🙂 (small world ‘n stuff – huh?)

  2. GAH, I love this. What a great concept. I took some photos of my childhood home last time I was there and you’ve inspired me to continue on with that next time I am home.

    The beautiful, natural light in her home makes me so jealous! [can you feel it? the jealousy is coming all the way down from Seattle]. She has some fantastic pieces, too. Just lovely.

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