My short film: The Alchemical Poisoning Of Magus Sherwood

I started shooting this little art film of mine over 5 years ago, and spent that much time editing it on & off. It’s finally done. I am overwhelmed with the feeling of completion on such a personal project, and am already thinking about the next one. As you may know- I am married to Stuart Sclater, the bass player of ASTRA. I am also the band’s photographer (here & some recent press in Classic Rock Prog Mag here) and sometimes get to go on tour with them (herehere & here)… To say I’m mega-fan would be an understatement… They were kind enough to give me permission to use the song Silent Sleep off of their first album The Weirding to soundtrack my film, and they also star in it (along with Richard’s beautiful wife, Kelley). ASTRA‘s new album The Black Chord celebrates it’s official release in the US today (it’s unbelievably beautiful- you can buy it here)… so I figured it would be good timing to release this too.

Anyways, my first film:
The Alchemical Poisoning Of Magus Sherwood.


Created by: Noa Azoulay-Sclater / Edited by: Noa Azoulay-Sclater & Bart Cameron / Inspired by the essay Are You Illuminated? by Phil Hine (Book Of Lies) / Face Paint by Allison Halver / Starring: Kelley Vaughan & the members of ASTRA– Richard Vaughan, Stuart Sclater, Brian Ellis, David Hurley, Conor Riley / Music: Silent Sleep by ASTRA (The Weirding) / Shot in San Diego & Oregon 2007-2012.

Also, some shots from our session for The Black Chord (holga, 35mm & digital):


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