My work in ASTRA’s album: The Black Chord

I’m so proud to have my work in ASTRA’s 2nd album, The Black Chord. Below are photos of the “Die Hard” edition vinyl (sold out!) which includes a huge poster and a crazy-cool medallion. The beautiful design was done by artist Arik Roper, who also designed their first album The Weirding. The photos I took that are in the album are from European tours, live shows, travels etc… and there’s even a photo of Stuart (bass player/my husband) and I in there from some super 8 film footage that Son Of Shark Pig took of us walking the streets of Italy. The Black Chord is my favorite album (obv) and the last pic (by my friend Meredith) is of me wearing my ASTRA pendant at their show last week… groupie
I also made a short experimental art film featuring the members of ASTRA and their music here.


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